• Solution Gas Oil Ratio
Input Field(s)      
Volume of gas evolved (Vg) scf
Volume of oil produced minus gas (Vo) stb
Output Field(s)      
Solution GOR (Rso) scf/stb

  • Calculation Guide
  • Overview
    • Solution Gas Oil Ratio (GOR) at a specific reservoir pressure is a measure of the amount of gas dissoled in the oil.
  • Equations
    • Rso = Vg/Vo
    • --------------------------------------------------
    • Rso - Solution GOR (scf/stb)
    • Vg - Volume of gas evolved (scf)
    • Vo - Volume of produced oil minus gas evolved (stb)
  • Assumptions
    • Function of reservoir pressure, temperature and specific gravities of the fluids
  • Reference
    • Practical Enhanced Reservoir Engineering Satter, A; Iqbal, G; Buchwalter, J;
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