• Length of Drill Pipe (BHA specific)
Input Field(s)    
Pipe Tensile Strength (Tp) lb
Margin of Overpull (MOP) lb
Weight of drill pipe in air (Wdp) lb/ft
Weight of BHA in air (Wbha) lb
Length of BHA (Lbha) ft
Mud Weight (Wm) ppg
Safety factor:Correct to no.2 pipe (f) %
Output Field(s)      
Buoyancy Factor (BF)  
Max. Length (Lt) ft
Total depth with BHA,drill pipe (Ld) ft

  • Calculation Guide
  • Overview
    • Estimate length of drill pipe that can be used with a certain bottom hole assembly (BHA)
  • Equations
    • Lt = [(Tp f) - MOP - Wbha] BF/Wdp
    • Ld = Lt + Lbha
    • --------------------------------------------------
    • Lt - Maximum length of drill pipe (ft)
    • Ld - Total length that can be reached with a specific BHA (ft)
    • Tp - tensile strength of pipe(lb)
    • MOP - Margin of Overpull (lb)
    • Wbha - BHA weight in air (lb)
    • Wdp - Drill pipe weight in air (lb)
    • f - Safety Factor to correct to no.2 pipe (%)
    • BF - Bouyancy Factor
    • Wm - Mud Weight (ppg)
    • Lbha - Length of BHA (ft)
  • Assumptions
    • n/a
  • Reference
    • Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover; Lapeyrouse, N
  • Unit Conversion Tool